Recycled And Revived

This product range is the result of Lisa's Inability to throw things out!

Over many years of being a shift worker , a mother and a woman with an abject dislike for the throw away society, I began making useful and pretty things out of ... well... junk !

I have played with handmade paper, fabric art and beading. Sometimes with more success and sometimes with less

I have a range of recycled lampshades decorated with hardened fabric and trinkets, pots and vases restyled to be uniquely pretty or quirky and some handmade paper products. All of which I continue to play around with in a regular basis.

Who ever said sleep was an essential ingredient to an old nurse!!? 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the odd quirky item in my store. Always unique and using products that narrowly escaped to next bin run!


Fabric decorated potsRestyled and recycled Lampshades