Use the Best to Achieve the Best

This page gives you a brief outline of how LusciousGear2u came into being.

The people and companies that have helped to make the work I do so much fun and enabled me to meet the challenges of prototyping as well as bulk production of high Quality Laser Engraved and Cut gifts and other products and items

I became involved with Lasers via a great man...My Dad!

Barry Diamond was a big man in bringing Quality Lasers to Australia and New Zealand as the first distributor of Trotec Lasers downunder. His knowledge and passion for a great product leading to a truly great result in Laser Engraing and Cutting was a part of why he was so successful and well liked in the industry for over 30 years

When Barry retired he bought his own Trotec Laser so he could keep busy in retirement and do some making of his own...and he loved it! As his health began to deteriorate (unfortunately too soon after that retirement) I stepped in to help with his passion for creating Personal Gifts with Hangerz by Baz. I started playing with new and exciting materials and graphics ideas and we continued  building a very loyal and happy customer base... You know who you are!

In October 2016 Dad became rapidly unwell and lost his fight to stay a while longer. Our devastation was crippling but I made a decision to carry on in his place and continue to push the limits in Laser work. I think he would be pretty chuffed at the direction we have gone in.

I have let the Hangerz by Baz site rest along with him but know he is with me with every challenge my lovely customers hand to me. Together we have made some beautiful Gifts and Personal creations and when I'm stumped for a tip on design or  need a nudge in the how to get it just right department...Baz is there whispering his advice and helping me grow

I really love what LusciousGear2u has become and never so much as moving into the Gallery in Cobbitty ( which is across the road from my home and workshop). The Social Distancing and Isolation regulations required due to COVID-19 has meant that its time to stretch again and take this venture on line!

Wish me luck and keep challenging me please!


Baz n LG having laughs at Windsor Markets